We turn re-uploads of your videos into passive monthly income

There's no extra work on your end, and the only time we'll need your billing info is to pay you

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The Copyright Solution
for the Creator Economy

Through Enfinity, CreatorShield leverages next-generation content discovery software combined with YouTube's Content ID system to reclaim ripped re-uploads of your content, and then we syndicate your videos which boosts views and ensures you keep earning more monthly revenue.


Autopilot Income

No work is required from you other than signing a click-thru agreement

Piracy Protection

Aside from the financial growth we offer, your content will be protected

New Revenue Stream

Upgrade your equipment or pay your rent with a brand new income stream

Monthly Payments

Earn up to 4x your YouTube Partner Program revenues with CreatorShield


Multiple Devices

Login from anywhere at anytime. All you need is a WiFi connection

Whitelist Tool

You can add/remove channels you wish not to claim. I.e., your friends

Track Your Results

Login to the new CreatorShield dashboard to view your progress

Manage Payments

Choose from over 25 payment methods including PayPal and ACH

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Don't remain unprotected

We'll protect your videos, monetize all traces of piracy, and pay you what's yours


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Once done, you can simply set and forget